Adaptive Seeds
(, is a regional source for artisan quality, public domain, open-pollinated seeds, grown without the use of synthetic chemicals and with ecologically mindful methods. Adaptive provides seeds from The Seed Ambassadors Project, (, mentioned below.

The Seed Ambassadors Project, (, is an Oregon-based seed-saving exchange that offers a very informative and entertaining seed-saving booklet called "A Guide to Seed Saving, Seed Stewardship & Seed Sovereignty", ( Adaptive Seeds, mentioned above sells seeds from the Seed Ambassadors Project.

Uprising Seeds, (, the first organic seed company certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture provides regionally grown, open-pollinated seeds.

Territorial Seeds, (, has a huge selection of seeds, plants and supplies.

Norcal Strawberries, (

Carol Deppe's website, (, contains a link to the latest offerings this famous seed breeder's own seeds which she has adapted to the maritime climate. Carol offers her seeds beginning in the Spring and ending when she sells out.

Krista Rome's Backyard Beans and Grains Project website, (, researches varieties of dry legumes, grains, and seed crops that may grow well in the Pacific Northwest and tests their suitability for the small-scale grower. BBGP encourages adding locally-grown staple foods into the diet.

Nichols Garden Nursery website, (, located in Oregon's famous Willamette Valley, where deep humus soils and mild climates have combined to bring about the best possible growing conditions, presents a fresh surprise for buyers of organic seeds - regular discounts and promotions - along with an interesting variety of herbs and rare seeds.