Here's an update of our final July activities from Darien.

In spite of mid-day heat this last week of July, work on the Learning Garden has continued. The garden is looking so good now! Thanks to our core volunteers for your hard labor!

Yesterday early morning I went to the garden to water before the heat of the day. I was a bit worried about how the squash, cucumber, and lettuce transplants, and bean seedlings, would look after not being watered since last Wednesday. They all looked great!

Watering was much easier with the outdoor faucet in place, with lots of water pressure. I purchased a Y-valve so we can have two hoses going at once, and some hose shut-off nozzles.

Now that we have the outside faucet set up, I do not need to be there for watering to happen. So I’m going to re-activate our watering log and invite you all to stop by and water the garden occasionally during these hot summer days. A thorough soak two or three times a week should be enough unless we have newly planted seeds.

What is a thorough soaking? It is a good idea to stick your finger (or a stick) into the soil to see if it is saturated an inch or two below the surface after you water. It often may look like enough water is there but it may be damp only on the surface. My understanding is that tomatoes should not be watered on the leaves, but other plants don’t mind water on leaves.

Other tasks that still need doing are weeding and whacking bed edges. Frank has mowed the larger spaces but not around our beds. I’ll bring my string trimmer.

Let’s hope we don’t get too many of these 98° days this summer! Over 80 degrees is plenty hot for me. Stay cool!